ACE Manager - Fiona Henderson

Fiona joined our ACE team as Manager at the start of 2013 bringing with her loads of passion and 10 years experience in Learn to Swim.  Fiona originates from the U.K and moved to NZ along with her partner and their two daughters in 2005.  You will find Fiona either managing our office with a welcoming smile or in the pool ensuring all of her swimmers thrive.  Fiona is also our Head Baby and Special Needs Instructor.  Her favorite stroke is Backstroke and her favorite Sea Creature a Starfish.  Please pop in and say hello at anytime as Fiona loves getting to know all of our ACE families.

ACE 2ic and Head Pre-School Instructor - Ranee Bowden

Ranee is our 2ic and Head Pre School Instructor.  You will find Ranee either in the pool having lots of fun with her swimmers or in our office as busy as a bee.  Ranee has two school age daughters and loves her rural lifestyle surrounded by many animals.  Ranee's favorite stroke is Backstroke and her favorite Sea Creature a Narwhal.


ACE Head School Age Instructor - Patrick Gallagher

Pat is our Head School Age Instructor.  He joined our ACE team in 2010.  Pat is a competitive open water swimmer and fantastic role model for his swimmers.  Pat's favorite stroke is Butterfly and his favorite Sea Creature a Starfish.


ACE Instructor and Office Assistant - Katrina Jonkers 

Katrina is a mum of 3 boys and a qualified school teacher.  Katrina is a dedicated Instructor working mornings with our Baby and Pre School Swimmers.  You will also see Katrina helping out in our office from time to time.  Katrina loves to float peacefully in the Water and her favorite Sea Creature is a Seahorse.


ACE Instructor - Tracy Mckee

Tracy is another one of our wonderful Baby and Pre School Instructors.  She is a Mother of 2 and loves to spend time with her family, baking and creating.  Tracy is a very energetic, encouraging and positive Swim Instructor.  Tracy's favorite Sea Creature is a Seahorse.  


ACE Instructor - Megan Whitburn

Megan is another one of our super amazing Instructors.  Megan is a University student and our go to Instructor to pick up any extra shifts. You could basically call her a mermaid! Megan is an amazing Swimmer herself and is always winning loads of Medals at Masters Swimming Events around the Country.  Megans favorite Sea Creature is a Dolphin and favorite stroke Freestyle.  


ACE Instructor - Monique Rowe

Monique is from Hamilton but grew up in North America.  Moniques favorite Sea Creature is a Mermaid and her favorite Swimming Stroke is Freestyle.  You will find Monique at the Beach, studying Law at University or hanging out with her friends.  You will also find her in our Office or Swimming Pool sharing years of Swimming knowledge with your lucky children. 


ACE Instructor - Natalia Speechlay

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ACE Instructor - Michelle Leman

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