ACE Mission Statement

Our mission is to grow your childs water confidence and water safety knowledge while teaching them the skills to swim proficiently for life. Our qualified swim school instructors aim to get to know you in a private, warm, supportive, family orientated environment. We are small enough to care and qualified enough to know. We aim to meet your learn to swim needs with prompt, friendly service at all times.

ACE Swim School Facility Features

Our private Swim School facility at 36 Casey Avenue, Hamilton may be familiar to you if you have ever taken the short cut from River Road to Boundary Road and noticed the popular underwater fish mural at the intersection of Tamihana and Casey Avenues.  Our facility features a 10 metre long, 1 meter deep indoor heated pool which is kept at a lovely 32.5 degrees in summer and 33.5 degrees in winter. The inside air is warmed with a large gas heating system in winter and cooled with an extractor fan in summer providing a tropical environment all year round. We have a unique double skinned roof which lets in plenty of natural light and we also have plenty of windows up high and two large ranchsliders which allows moisture to escape and natural air to circulate.

We have a fully fenced indoor/outdoor spectator viewing area ensuring your little ones cannot leave the facility or enter the pool or changing room area without an adults assistant. Our water proofed outdoor area includes a picnic table with outdoor couches and gives you a full view of your little swimmers in the pool. Our indoor area includes chairs with a full view of the pool. Hot beverages are also available to purchase and enjoy while watching your swimmers.  

We have four family changing rooms, two showers, a toilet, a solid baby change table with mats and bumbos available for your little ones to wait in while you change.

We have both off street and on street parking available at all times.

You have easy access to our ACE office when arriving and while in the indoor waiting area.  We would love to chat with you at anytime so please pop in and say hello.

We are happy to take bookings at anytime so please don't hesitate to email or call our friendly team on 07 8549668 for more information.