"She is firm with the children yet allows them to have fun. She praises them when they've done well, even for little things they've done well."

Carolyn Gibbs

"Facility is great and children are enjoying their lessons."

Amanda Wright

"My sons Instructor last term showed a personal interest in each of the children in her class, and challenges the children without expecting too much. Last term when my son was in her class she made the recommendation that he advance to a Goldfish class as he wasn't being challenged enough. Since he has moved up, she continues to show genuine interest in him and offers encouragement, and she isn't even his teacher anymore!"

Miko Brouwer

"Our Instructor is always happy to see the children and makes an effort to get to know them."

Kerry Allen

"Our Instructor is friendly and fun but firm and the kids have really progressed with her."

Kirsten Anderson

"I love the way she is quiet, firm and explains things well."

Andrea Graves

"My sons Instructor has a caring manner with the children, however, she also recognises age and development and is strict enough as well. I find her a good motivational teacher for my child."

Heather Connolly

"He suits my daughters personality, he is firm but fair and he pushes her to improve which she needs as she is inclined to coast along."

Wendy Flintoff-Baker

"I think he instructs the girls in my daughter's class well and they achieve a lot in the half hour that they have. My daughter is definitely progressing and I think it helps having similar level girls in the same class. At one point I was a little concerned at the stagnant nature of the classes, but these have moved on, and I'm not a swimming teacher so rely on the teacher to push as he needs to. If I had any concerns, I'd raise them with our teacher or person in the office."

Lisa Davys