School Age Lessons

School Age lessons have a maximum of four in the class and are allotted 30 minutes duration. Our classes are grouped based on ability and age.  We run a maximum of two school age classes at once, with a lane rope separating the two classes. Due to the length of our pool and the layout of our classes, we can focus on developing strong swimming technique and giving frequent feedback. We take your children from water confidence right through to mastering the skills needed to progress to a club or have the skill of swimming all four strokes for life.

Our School Age Lessons have a maximum of 4 in the class, are for 30 minutes duration and are run to Primary School Term Dates. Classes are scheduled at various times, Monday through to Saturday and are broken into levels determined by ability and age.

Class Descriptions

  • L1 - SNAPPY SWORDFISH: These lessons are for beginners and focus on enjoying the water and building under water confidence. On the water propulsion and water safety skills are introduced.
  • L2 - STREAMLINE SNAPPER:  These lessons focus on the key swimming skills of gliding, kicking and body position with the aim of developing an independent back kick to keep our swimmers safe in the water.
  • L3 - RADIANT RAINBOWFISH: These lessons develop Backstroke arms which are combined with the Back kick. Freestyle swimming skills also continue to be developed in preparation for breathing in the next level.
  • L4 - ZIPPING ZEBRAFISH: These lessons focus on Freestyle breathing. Backstroke also continues to be developed.
  • L5 - BUBBLING BOXFISH: These lessons focus on Breaststroke and continue to develop Freestyle and Backstroke.
  • L6 - AWESOME ALLIGATORS: These lessons refine Freestyle arm technique and continue to develop Breaststroke. Butterfly skills and Tumble turns are also introduced.
  • L7 - SONIC SHARKS: These lessons refine Breaststroke technique and develop a relaxed and fluent Freestyle and Backstroke. Butterfly is developed at this level.
  • JE1 - DIVING DOLPHINS: Classes are structured to refine technique in all four strokes aiming for fluent Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. These lessons start to focus on increasing Freestyle and Backstroke endurance swims to 100m as the finer aspects of these strokes are developed. Breaststroke should now be together with a good glide, small arms and kick snap. Butterfly breathing is developed and tumble turns are expected during endurance swims of up to 100m.
  • JE2 - WICKED WHALES: All strokes are refined to a club level using specialised drills. Swimmers aim to complete a solid medley of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly with tumble turns. Endurance swims of 200m are incorporated into all lessons to enable swimmers to competently achieve the ultimate Swim for Life goal of 200m Freestyle.

We are happy to take bookings at anytime so please don't hesitate to email or call our friendly team on 07 8549668 for more information.




"He suits my daughters personality, he is firm but fair and he pushes her to improve which she needs as she is inclined to coast along."

Wendy Flintoff-Baker

"I think he handles the girls in my daughter's class well and they achieve a lot in the half hour that they have. My daughter is definitely progressing and I think it helps having similar level girls in the same class. At one point I was a little concerned at the stagnant nature of the classes, but these have moved on, and I'm not a swimming teacher so rely on the teacher to push as he needs to. If I had any concerns, I'd raise them with our teacher or person in the office."

Lisa Davys