Holiday Block Courses

We run holiday block courses every school holiday's. Please see our Dates & Times page for the next holiday block course.

Children attend a lesson at the same time, each day for a week, from Monday to Friday. Lessons for School Age and Pre-School swimmers are structured the same as our term lessons.

Why choose a Holiday Block Course?

  • Great for children needing to master a specific skill
  • Progress that took 5 weeks during the term may be seen in 5 days due to practising appropriate skills every day for a week
  • What was learnt the previous day is fresh and can be built on the following day
  • You may be busy during the term and this is a great option for parents who have the school holidays free
  • An activity for the holidays that will benefit your children
  • A great way to use up some of the extra energy found in the school holidays

We are happy to take bookings at anytime so please don't hesitate to email or call our friendly team on 07 8549668 for more information.